Hido Homes Case Study

Project Overview

Max who set up Unity Document Solutions was looking to propel his new business into the digital landscape and wanted a website which would narratively showcase how they can provide office hardware through to document management plans, storage solutions, software and IT support. As a business from East Yorkshire, they wanted a company tagline which would resemble a compelling storyline of the business and we consulted with the tagline – Local Business with a National Presence, which is now their key marketing message across all different types of marketing materials (A few of which are shown here).

Brand Ignition

Moving forward, we initiated the project by conducting a thorough analysis of Unity Document solutions core values, mission, and target market. Through collaborative meetings and in-depth research, we crafted a robust user experience design strategy that became the foundation for every subsequent decision, ensuring a cohesive and authentic brand narrative across the website.

Our Approach

The integration of specific animated designs (please see shown) for the sections of who we are, why choose us and how we can help highlighted the key visual representation to reflect how Unity Document Solutions could help design a solution, streamline processes and add value to their clients businesses. In addition, we wanted to create a compelling and immersive experience for the website users which would help them to seamlessly explore and engage with Unity Document Solutions.

The Results

As time progresses, we continue to have a strong working relationship with Unity Document Solutions by consulting their digital strategy and designing all marketing materials which enables them to share their key marketing message – Local Business with a National Presence in a professional and visually aesthetic way.