Jabu Care Case Study

Project Overview

As a forward thinking and ambitious business, Jabu Care was looking for new ways to demonstrate and advertise their newly CPD certified Health Education courses which has a key focus on helping health professionals improve their patient care experience. A key challenge such as communicating educational content to Jabu Care’s target audience was going to play a crucial role in helping potential course attendees understand the quality of education and service delivery they were going to receive from Jabu Care to proactively progress their Healthcare careers.

Brand Ignition

Our ethos was to consider the key fundamental of ensuring we implemented seamless user experience (UX) design principles to enhance the overall learning journey for course attendee’s. We conducted usability testing to gather feedback and make iterative improvements as we built the Jabu Care Course Platform. In addition, we closely collaborated and worked with the Jabu Care Team to align design elements with their goals and values.

Our Approach

Throughout the whole project, we executed a phased implementation process to minimise disruption and allow for continuous feedback as each element feature deployment stage materialised. In culmination, our partnership with Jabu Care is a testament to the refining of their brand identity which resulted in a more visually appealing and effective platform. The positive outcomes observed in user engagement metrics and improved brand perception underscore the success of the process we implemented.

The Results

In summary, the outcomes of the project for Jabu Care extended beyond aesthetic improvements, they reflected a strategic and purposeful initiative that has positively impacted user engagement and brand perception. As the health education provider continues its mission, the platform and refined brand identity stand as powerful tools, facilitating a more effective and impactful communication of educational content for their users.