Investor Information Pack Design - £375.00

Whether you are a seasoned property development business or a property professional just venturing out into the world of property and are looking to impress potential investors, we can custom design and help you create a great first impression with your Investor Information Pack.

Product Information

Professionally showcase to your potential investors on why you can deliver a hands-off, intelligent investment solution to help their money go further. Our highly skilled designers and copywriters shall define, plan and create you an investor pack to be immensely proud of and allow it to do most of the talking for you whilst saving you time and effort building relationships with different investors.

A crisp, clear and precise investor pack can answer most of your investors questions and most importantly, it makes them want to find out more about you, your business, and ultimately, your property deals. By having your pack as a resource, you shall be able to use it over and over again and will enable you to have the perfect tool to help you gather high quality investor leads in a way that entices them to come back for more.

If you're wondering what could be included in your investor pack, here are some recommendations and tips from us:

This could include a brief introduction of your property company, its mission, and the problem you solve for investors.

You could describe your investment strategy model and how you plan to generate revenue with the key aim of making them a return on investment,

Busy investors do not have time to read the entire document to figure out what it is you are offering. We make sure you have a great executive summary to capture their attention and make them want to turn the page.

Investors have an obligation to know the inner workings of their investment, we strongly advise you can showcase how you expect to deliver each and every project in an effective manner which is going to be delivered on budget and in time.

You could include featured projects you have turned into a success for other investors or share other similar case studies of past projects you’ve worked on or projects you have delivered.

You could introduce your team and their relevant experience and skills.

By including these key elements in your investor pack, you can provide potential investors with a comprehensive understanding of your business and its potential for growth.

Crisp. Clear. Precise....

Things we consider especially when creating your investor information pack...

We make sure we use simple language and expand on acronyms like BRRR, HMO, PLO, BTL, BMV etc so that a non-property person will understand what you are trying to say.

You can’t just expect investors to trust everything you say!

 Don’t just tell them you are great, we help you show them how you are great.

Nobody gets excited about reading a 30-50 page long document, least of all time-poor private investors. Less is more. Our priority is to make it easy for them to consume the information by breaking it down for them.

Compliance matters! We ensure through design that you have highlighted the possible negative consequences of the investment opportunity.

Investors want to know what happens in case you fall sick or you get hit by a bus. Or if your project manager or head builder unexpectedly passes on midway. Investors want to see a clear contingency plan for what happens when things go wrong.

We see lots of photos being used in investor packs all the time but half of the time, the quality isn’t up to standard. Your photo’s need to make it clear to investors what you are trying to tell them with each photo.

Sticking to the facts and choose your words wisely. Don’t push savvy investors away by telling them what a safe and secure investment it is, or guarantee any form of return and never compare the investment opportunity to savings in a bank account!

Busy investors do not have time to read the entire document to figure out what it is you are offering. We make sure you have a great executive summary to capture their attention and make them want to turn the page.

Make it easy for the investors to trust the numbers you provide by sharing an explanation for the key numbers.

Unless you are authorised to do so by the FCA, you are simply not allowed to give financial advice nor shall Digenixa. 

Allow us to help you fulfil your investor information pack potential with our guided process

Free Discovery Call
A Teams or Zoom call shall be initiated to define and plan your investor information pack. At this initial stage, it’s really important to make sure you’re on the same page and this means taking the time at the start of the project to include the following in your discussion: The content, deliverables and how do you intend to use the design.
Our Creativity Begins
During this stage, the designer will present their concepts and revisions to you. Concepts are the initial designs a creator shares in order to establish a design direction. Revisions are the round of iterations made to a design based on your feedback. When giving feedback, it’s important to be clear and specific.
Showcase your Pack
Finally, you will enter the final delivery stage, where you and your designer will prepare the final versions of your design. Your designer will notify you that your deliverables are ready for you to download. We recommend that you only approve the final version once you are happy and have received all of your final assets.

Frequently asked questions...

This depends on the exact needs of the project, which shall be agreed upon us having your consultation and creating your project brief. Per design project generally takes us about 7 – 10 Days upon clarification of your project brief. This can be done quicker if necessary, but we generally recommend at least a week for most projects, especially as we can ensure that the research and creative output is the best it can be. 

In short our process goes similar to this:
1. Discovery
2. Research
3. Content Strategy
4. Design
5. Delivery
6. Support

As soon as you have placed your order, you shall receive a confirmation order and be sent an email to arrange your consultation and start creating your project brief either via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Yes. Our world class creative store front is multi international and is simply conducted via email, phone and video calls as needed. If you are in the area, then it would be great to meet at our studio.

Yes, we do all of the work which means you buy into the Digenixa experience, you will directly with a leading brand strategist, copywriter and designer. We do not have any sub-contractors so all work is delivered internally, unless specified.

Yes, our portfolio has a collection of projects tailored towards the property industry. However the specific industry does not matter as we adapt our skills, research and process around the client’s needs and industry until the problem has been solved.

For the majority of products, we  we require 100% up front payment unless specified. We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal.

All of our designs are created in professional design software, so 9 times out of 10 that’ll be a no.  We have a flat hourly rate for amends, so can update the design cost-effectively in the future when it’s time for a refresh but you shall be able to change the text and font which is the essential part.

Yes, unless otherwise specified. 

Consider and picture this, most people check investor packs out on laptops, desktops, or tablets, right?

Because that’s where you do the serious stuff and that’s where landscape really shines.

It gives us that full-screen, immersive experience that makes everything pop and easy to follow.

So, for a smooth digital ride through your pack, landscape’s the way to go.

Your investor pack deserves a clear visual design, don't miss out.